A downloadable asset pack for Windows

The challenge that i set myself was to create a realistic looking environment/scene that took many different aspects of Architectural Visualization and brought it into a game scenario. The intended game play would be inside of Virtual Reality, and so it was only fitting that i created something realistic, with real world dimensions, so when the scene is navigated around, the proportions of everything in the room will be correct and feel in place.

After looking for a reference that i could base my scene on, i decided it would be best to take my reference from somewhere that i could go inside and measure up, instead of just relying on guesswork or proportions that i found on the internet, so i took my reference from a family members place of work, allowing me to visit frequently to take measurements and texture references.

I've learned a lot over the course of this project, and i will be looking to improve my Architectural Visualization skills  in the future as this is something that i have become really passionate about, applying these skills to game environments will allow me to play through the scenes that i have created, so i can check first hand whether things are in proportion and feel correct or not.

One thing that i would do differently next time is (if i had more time) take more care when it comes to the texturing. i would like to increase my resolution sizes and add more noise and imperfections to my assets, this way i could create more realistic props and scenes and that is something that i will strive towards in the future.

For more high quality renders:  https://www.artstation.com/artwork/dOKq9K

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tags3D, arch-viz, environment, Unreal Engine


Grads_In_Games.rar 761 MB
Digital_SketchBook_Daniel_Jones_SFAS.pdf 39 MB


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omg it is amazeballs

i love it                                   i need this kind in real life

is this a uproject or windows build?